Non-Destructive Testing & Investigations

The smartest way to approach plumbing failures that don’t make themselves readily known is through non-destructive testing and investigations. By digging up less pipes, opening up fewer walls, and tearing up less pavement, Master Plumbing and Leak Detection saves time and effort, which gets the job done faster and cheaper for you. We use “state-of-the-art” technologies to help find plumbing problems, as well as to solve them. Not only do we use the most advanced equipment available, we also work together with the companies that make the equipment. We’ve helped to create new tools and improve existing ones to work even better for leak detection and plumbing investigations.

In most cases, we are able to find plumbing problems with leaving a scratch using some of the following tools and equipment:.

Electronic Line Locators – We transmit a controlled signal through the pipe which allows us to see exactly where it is and its depth. Electronic Leak Locators – Using an ultrasensitive microphone, we can detect leaks through slab foundations, concrete driveways, or walls. If it makes noise, we will hear it.

Fibrotic Bore Scopes – By accessing a wall through pre-existing openings, such as light fixtures or wall outlets, we can see what is happening inside the walls, between first and second stories of a house, or in any small or difficult area to inspect. So, we find plumbing failures or their effects that might otherwise be overlooked.

Sewer Cameras – By running a specially designed, waterproof camera through a drain or pipe, we are able to determine if a problem exists and locate exactly where it is as well as record all of our findings.

Thermal Cameras – These cameras are specifically designed to see things in the infrared range of light, so they can see differences in temperature. With these cameras, the scope of secondary water damage is obvious to see, not to mention that we’ve been finding some actively growing mold inside walls and ceilings.

Thermal Lasers – Tell us the temperature of whatever they are pointed at. This helps us to determine sources of plumbing failure.


Master Plumbing and Leak Detection provides services that combine superior technology with the experience of trained plumbers to solve your problems in the most effective and often quickest way possible. Our services are performed by the very best in the business and we’re available 24/7 when emergency situations arise.