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Your Trusted Plumbing Partner in Riverside County & Throughout Southern California

When plumbing challenges arise, you deserve the assurance of expert hands. With over 23 years of dedicated service, Master Plumbing and Leak Detection stands as the premier choice for residents and businesses in Temecula, Riverside County, and across Southern California.

Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers in Temecula provides reliable solutions, whether you seek routine maintenance, urgent repairs, or comprehensive system checks.

For a free estimate on our diverse range of residential and commercial plumbing offerings in Temecula, contact us online or dial 877-504-6753.

Our Expertise

Drain Cleaning

Keep your drains flowing freely. From hair to grease, we tackle blockages ensuring your system works efficiently.
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Piping & Repiping

Ensure the lifeline of your plumbing is robust. Whether you need new pipes or replacements, we've got you covered.
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Sump Pumps

Protect your property from water damage. Our sump pump services ensure your basements stay dry and damage-free.
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Backflow Services

Protect your water supply from contamination. Our services ensure your water remains pure and safe for use.
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Water Treatment

Experience purer, cleaner water. Our treatment solutions enhance water quality for your home or business.
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Non-Destructive Testing

Preserve the integrity of your structures. With our testing methods, we diagnose issues without causing any harm.
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Leak Detection

No more hidden leaks. With advanced techniques, we pinpoint and address leaks, saving you time and money.
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Sewer & Septic

Keep waste flowing in the right direction. We provide expert solutions for sewer and septic systems ensuring efficiency.
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Plumbing Repair & Installation

Maintain the heart of your home's infrastructure. From minor fixes to major installations, our team ensures smooth plumbing operations.
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Water Heaters

Enjoy hot water whenever you need it. From installation to repair, we keep your water heaters in optimal condition.
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Fixture Services

Modernize or repair your plumbing fixtures. From faucets to showers, we handle installation and repair with finesse.
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Our Comprehensive Plumbing Services Include:

  • Expert leak detection
  • Efficient drain cleaning
  • Professional piping and repiping
  • Comprehensive water heater solutions
  • Modern fixture services
  • Specialized sewer and septic services
  • Reliable plumbing repair and installation
  • Certified backflow services
  • Advanced water treatment solutions
  • Trustworthy sump pump services
  • Innovative non-destructive testing investigations

Facing a plumbing emergency? We’re on standby 24/7, ready to provide urgent solutions whenever you need. Plus, to show our appreciation, we offer a 10% discount on all services for military personnel and senior citizens.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Solutions

Plumbing issues, big or small, can disrupt daily life. Whether it’s a simple faucet leak in a home or an expansive issue in a commercial space, our Temecula plumbers have the expertise to handle them all. We cater to a range of businesses, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Educational institutions
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Corporate office spaces
  • Retail outlets
  • Multi-unit residential complexes

Dedicated to Serving the Heart of Southern California

Regardless of your location in Riverside County or elsewhere in Southern California, our Temecula-based technicians are committed to meeting your plumbing needs promptly, even in emergencies. We take pride in serving our community and extending our services to every corner of the region.

For top-tier plumbing expertise in Temecula, reach out to Master Plumbing and Leak Detection at 877-504-6753. We’re here to serve, anytime, anywhere.