Perma Lining Explained

Perma Lining in Temecula

A Method that Saves Existing Sewer Pipes in Riverside County & All of Southern California

Repairing wastewater pipes is a time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive activity. Typically, it requires extensive excavation, traffic control, and new paving or concrete repair. There is also the potential for damaging other underground utilities located in the vicinity of the repair. Thankfully, there is a simpler and easier solution called perma lining.

In Temecula, perma lining is a sewer lateral rehabilitation method developed for relining small diameter pipes ranging from 2-8 inches. It uses a PVC-coated fiberglass reinforced polyester needled felt tube filled with liquid resin that can be used to restore any kind of pipe. The process involves placing a resin-coated liner tube inside the pipe, which covers it entirely. The liner tube is turned inside out with compressed air to allow the resin contact with the pipe and is pressed against it until cured. The end result is a PVC continuous liner with no joints and seamless from end to end.

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A Quick & Cost-Effective Method

This system reduces total costs, because it:

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