Epoxy Lining Explained

Epoxy Lining in Temecula

Extending the Lives of Pipes in Riverside County & Southern California Homes

After many years of use, water pipes can become corroded, which makes it hard for water to flow through as easily as it once did. When pipes are 10 years old, they may have their capacity reduced by as much as 30 percent. When they reach 20 years of age, corrosion in your pipes can block more than twice as much water.

Some might find it expensive or disruptive to replace every length of pipe in a building – and it is – but there is a better way: epoxy lining. This process is useful for industrial settings and public venues, as well as residential homes in Riverside County and throughout all of Southern California.

An epoxy lining service in Temecula can extend the life of your pipes through a particular process. First, pipes are inspected and the feasibility of the procedure is assessed. Pipes are then thoroughly dried with hot air under high pressure. Compressed air is then used to test your piping system for leaks and to ensure it can withstand the rest of the process. Next, an abrading agent is applied to the inside of your pipes to remove any corrosive buildup. A filtering process follows, where all solids – including very small particles – are removed. Hot air is then jetted through your pipe system to ensure dust and moisture are removed.

An epoxy coating is applied inside all of the pipes, fittings, and joints. After drying, the pipes are evenly coated with the epoxy that protects from build-up and extends the life of the pipe system.

Once done, water is hooked back up to the system, which now has a long life ahead of it.

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An Authorized Alternative Under California Law

An epoxy lining service in Temecula that can restore form and function to your pipes is not only good for your budget when the problem doesn’t require an entire retrofit of your piping, but it’s also the solution you can turn to when others are outlawed. According to the California Uniform Plumbing Code 310.2, it’s unlawful to conceal cracks, holes, or other imperfections in materials by welding, brazing, or soldering. It’s just as illegal to do by using any paint, wax, tar, solvent cement, other leak-sealing or repair agent to cover cracks and holes.

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