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The quality of your drinking water is personal – if it tastes off or a little funky, that’s something you notice pretty immediately. If you get the sense that your water doesn’t taste like it should, our water treatment services can help you identify and solve the problem. Master Plumbing and Leak Detection offers more than years of experience in handling water treatment issues and many other plumbing services in Riverside County and all of Southern California.

Get a taste of our superior water treatment services in Temecula when your water isn’t tasting right. Contact us online or call 877-504-6753 to schedule a visit and ask about getting a free estimate!

Breaking Down Hard Water Buildup

Hard water gets its name from an accumulation of calcium, magnesium, and other mineral compounds. Although it’s extremely common – affecting nearly 90 percent of homes in the United States – hard water is not good for you or your plumbing.

Overtime, hard water creates mineral deposits in your pipes that can decrease water pressure and make it hard for drains to quickly remove wastewater. It can also make water taste differently or even unpleasantly, and it’ll leave telltale chalky streaks on rinsed dishes.

If any of these signs of hard water in your home sound familiar, you might need to call someone who offers water treatment services in Temecula. Other signs that you require help include:

  • Presence of soap scum, which is formed when soap combines with the minerals in hard water to become a disgusting new solid.
  • White streaks or discolored build on countertops, shower glass, shower heads, faucets, or anything else that dispenses water or commonly comes in contact with it. Be sure to also keep an eye on this phenomenon for appliances like your dishwasher, water heater, and even your refrigerator’s water dispenser!
  • Irritated or dry skin, especially if a shower was recently taken, can be a sign of hard water in your pipes.
  • Unexplained clogs can be caused by mineral deposits from hard water, especially when hair is an unlikely culprit.
  • Rising water bills can be explained by the reduced efficiency of your fixtures and appliances. Because hard water prevents them from working as they should, they may be using more water than they’re supposed to.

Solving Hard Water Problems with Effective Treatments

Once you’ve identified that hard water is causing you all of this grief, the only thing left to do is challenge it. We offer water treatment services in Temecula that can help you manage the impact hard that water has already had on your home and prevent it from affecting your plumbing system in the future.

Ask about water treatment solutions such as:

  • Water filtration systems
  • Water softeners
  • Reverse osmosis systems

Call 877-504-6753 now for the plumbing experts you need now or more information about our water treatment service options. Master Plumbing and Leak Detection offers fair pricing and free estimates for customers in Temecula, Riverside County, and all of Southern California.

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