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When your water heater’s giving up the ghost, a professional plumber from Master Plumbing and Leak Detection can help you determine if a repair or replacement is right for you. Our company has more than years of experience helping residents and business owners alike in Temecula, Riverside County, and throughout Southern California.

For water heater repair in Temecula, contact Master Plumbing and Leak Detection online or call 877-504-6753 and we’ll offer an estimate with fair pricing for free!

Is It Time for a Checkup?

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a plumber inspect your water heater, or if that time was several years ago, now’s the best time to call for a checkup. But before you reach out to someone, check to see if there’s obvious signs that a service provider will need to repair or replace your water heater. Report any of the following signs to your Temecula water heater repair expert when they arrive.

Signs Of Water Heater Failure

  • Age: Refer to receipts, an owner’s manual, or any informational stickers on the appliance to check how old it is. If a water heater is older than 10 years, it may need to be replaced.
  • Low hot water pressure: If the water pressure from your hot water tap and cold-water tap differ greatly, your water heater can be at fault.
  • No hot water: This speaks for itself – if no hot water is flowing, your water heater isn’t doing its job!
  • Leaking: Water heaters are not supposed to leak. Signs of leaking should be addressed immediately.
  • Rusty water: Water, hot or cold, should always be clean when it reaches your faucet and appliances. Rusty hot water can be a symptom of a serious water heater issue.
  • Stubborn pilot light: A pilot light may rarely need to be relit, but it shouldn’t happen often. This can be due to a bad or overused thermocouple, which can be repaired but the whole unit may need replacement, too.
  • Strange noises: Even healthy water heaters can make some noise, but call a plumber to inspect your unit if you even suspect a sound is unusual. Any of these other warning signs could be the reason for strange noises, but you may also have mineral or sediment buildup that should be addressed.

How Our Temecula Water Heater Repair Experts Can Help

You depend on your water heater not just for comfortable showers, but to clean your clothes and dishes, too. It might just be an inconvenience to go without hot water in your home for a day or two, but any longer and inconvenience can turn into discomfort or even hazardous. When something’s wrong with your water heater, call us and we’ll send a Temecula water heater repair expert out. Never attempt to work on a water heater yourself – only a licensed, bonded, and insured plumber is qualified to inspect and work on these appliances.

If your water heater is leaving you out in the cold, call for the expert water heater services in Temecula from Master Plumbing and Leak Detection at 877-504-6753. Se habla español. Wir Deutsch sprechen.

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