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Leak detection – it’s in our name, and it’s one of many services we excel at! Master Plumbing and Leak Detection in Temecula is the company with the licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers you need when you suspect there’s a leak somewhere in your home or business. Finding running water from cracked pipes or poor fittings is like an art for our plumbing technicians, but we bring cutting-edge science and non-destructing testing methods to the process to ensure we’re intervening with the right solutions at the right location – and just in time.

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Know the Telltale Warning Signs of a Leak

It’s never a comforting sign when water begins to pool in your bathroom or under your sink. It’s even less comforting when things like your walls or carpet are inexplicably damp. It could be a fluke like a showerhead spraying too widely or in an odd direction, but it’s more likely that a leak in your plumbing system is to blame.

Call Our Temecula Leak Detection Team As Soon As You Notice:

  • Mold and mildew: These can only grow and spread where there’s moisture.
  • Musty smell: This is typically caused by standing water or moist wood, insultation, carpet, etc.
  • Water damage: Ceiling and floor stains, drywall “bubbling,” and cracked or buckled floors are indicators that a leak may be present and becoming dangerous.
  • Running meter: If your meter runs after all fixtures and appliances are turned off, a leak may be present somewhere on your property.
  • Sudden water bill increase: Sometimes comparing your month-to-month water bills can be a good initial approach to leak detection in Temecula. If you notice an abrupt jump in water usage from one month to the next despite no change in your habits, a leak may be the culprit.

How To Find Where A Leak Is Coming From:

A cracked pipe or improper fitting is not the only culprit behind leaks in your plumbing system. There are other, less obvious, causes behind such a problem. That’s why it’s imperative to consult with a professional leak detection expert to determine the exact cause of the leak in order to recommend the best repair needed.

Causes Of Water Leaks, Include:

  • Sump pumps that have failed
  • Supply lines to common household appliances, like a washing machine, that have burst
  • Water heater tanks that are damaged
  • Tree roots that have infiltrated your pipes
  • Over pressurized pipes
  • Severe drain clogs that have caused a blockage
  • Pipes that have eroded

While the cause behind the leak may differ, don’t wait to consult with a plumber. If left as is, a leak can cause serious damage to not only your property but your health as well.

Dangers Of An Untreated Water Leak

An untreated leak in your home or place of business can be devastating if you don’t act fast. Prolonged exposure to black mold growing near leaks can suppress your immune system or even cause death. Water damage to your ceilings and floors over a long enough period of time can cause structural failures with catastrophic consequences.

The Master Plumbing and Leak Detection Difference

Don’t let a language barrier or limited funds in your retirement account deter you from fixing this serious issue. Your service can be handled in English, Spanish, and German, and our Temecula leak detection experts offer a 10% discount on your bill for senior citizens and members of the military.

Don’t let a leak affect the safety of your home or place of business! Get a Temecula plumber you can trust from Master Plumbing and Leak Detection at 877-504-6753.

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