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Whether it’s your faucet, shower head, or the porcelain throne itself, you expect it to do its job perfectly with every use – and why shouldn’t it? The reality is that the plumbing fixtures around your house share a common denominator: They work by controlling the flow of water into your home. In many cases, that requires a lot of moving parts made of plastic and metal that can degrade or break over time through use or constant exposure to hard water.

At Master Plumbing and Leak Detection, we’re here to make sure your plumbing fixtures are working for you in your Riverside County or Southern California home. Our licensed, bonded, and insured Temecula plumbers can inspect and repair the plumbing fixtures to ensure everything is working as it should. If you’re looking to upgrade the look and feel of a bathroom, our fixture services in Temecula also include new installation and remodeling projects.

For all repair or replacement of your plumbing systems fixtures, Master Plumbing and Leak Detection has you covered. Contact us online or call 877-504-6753 to request a free estimate of our Temecula plumbing services.

Is It Time to Install a New Fixture?

Problems with plumbing fixtures can often be diagnosed and repaired by your Temecula plumber, but sometimes you’ll need to install new equipment. Before trying to repair a recurring issue, consider the following to determine if it’s time to install new fixtures:

  • Rust and mineral buildup
  • Mold growth anywhere inside fixture
  • Discolored or foul-tasting water
  • Leaking from places where water shouldn't exit
  • Poor water volume
  • Faulty or broken hardware
  • Running toilet or leaky faucet head

Get the replacement or repair your plumbing system needs with our fixture services in Temecula. We offer a 10% discount off all services for military service members and senior citizens. Call 877-504-6753 for more information.

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