Plumbing Installations

All plumbing systems repaired or installed shall conform to all applicable plumbing and building codes. Permits are filed whenever necessary according to local authority. In most cases, the materials used are the same type or design as the materials used during original construction of the system.

In some cases, upgrading the plumbing system is the only option. For example, polyethylene systems are no longer authorized to be installed. Copper is the normal upgrade to this system, but recently, a new tubing called polyethylene or Pex has been authorized.

Sometimes, out-of-date parts found within old plumbing systems must be replaced with up-to-date parts of like kind and function.

The plumbers of Master Plumbing and Leak Detection probably know more about the plumbing system that was originally installed than the company that installed it. Not only can we install the exact same system as was done in the past, but we know how it fails, where it typically fails, and why. Yes, repairing that old system is a specialty of ours as well. We’ve been called upon quite a lot to repair homes built as far back as the early 1900s.


Master Plumbing and Leak Detection provides services that combine superior technology with the experience of trained plumbers to solve your problems in the most effective and often quickest way possible. Our services are performed by the very best in the business and we’re available 24/7 when emergency situations arise.