Our Company

With over 20 years in the plumbing and leak detection industry, Mike Logsdon started Master Plumbing and Leak Detection (MPLD), because he saw an opportunity in the industry. By using cutting edge technologies and experienced plumbers, MPLD could provide customers with better solutions in a more timely manner. MPLD has found the way to work faster and smarter to serve our customers better.

Whether it is using Perma Lining so that we can fix a drain without inconveniencing a stadium full of people, using a fiber optic bore scope to find a problem without having to open up the wall, or using our “Master Blaster” to quickly clear industrial drains, we have the solutions that save time and money for our customers. Also, because we primarily work with insurance companies and commercial enterprises, we are used to creating detailed reports of what happened and where it happened, along with diagrams if necessary. So, our customers have clear documentation of the problems being solved.

To make the job go faster for you, we provide our plumbers with the most equipped and versatile work vehicles available. Some of our plumbers have joined MPLD because we provide them with the best equipment available. What this means to our customers is that our plumbers make less visits to a site, because the can get the job done quickly and effectively on the first visit.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. License # 777721


Master Plumbing and Leak Detection provides services that combine superior technology with the experience of trained plumbers to solve your problems in the most effective and often quickest way possible. Our services are performed by the very best in the business and we’re available 24/7 when emergency situations arise.